Project steering (8 to 12 people) for an IT service subcontractor.
Rebuilt and improved two intranet tools for regulatory capital (Basel III) and economic capital calculation.
Technologies: C# 4.0 ( MVC + Razor + WCF + WiX + LINQ + Fluent NHibernate + Rhino Message + Spring + Quartz),
Tests unitaires (NUnit + xUnit), Web (HTML5 + CSS3 + Less + Twitter Bootstrap + jQuery + JSON + KnockoutJS)
Tools: Jenkins, Resharper, StyleCop, FxCop, ANTS, NANT, CodeMaid, dotPeek, LINQPad, Visual Studio
Methodology: Kanban, AOP, Injection de dépendances, MVC, n-tier
Environment: Windows, Oracle 11g, GIT, SVN (Subversion)